SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Search-Engine Friendly SEO

The SEO industry has never been more volatile, and Google continues to penalize site owners and shady “black hat” agencies who try to manipulate their search rankings. Effective Search Engine Optimization today requires REAL content, REAL promotions, and REAL social engagement.

We believe in executing an SEO strategy that focuses on creating high-quality, original content that promotes organic linking and social sharing.

Integrated Marketing Efforts

Through “all-encompassing” marketing campaigns, our team effectively utilizes the latest forms of advertising, media, and content creation across a variety of platforms to naturally grow your online footprint and improve your organic search rankings.

We highly recommend a holistic marketing approach that takes advantage of a number of our services at once. Clients who have gone this route have seen compounded and accelerated results because we are better able to manage and cross-promote their online efforts.

SEO – It’s What We Do!

SEO has been a core competency and key product offering of MediaSmack from the beginning. We have also begun to implement even more industry-leading and ethical Internet marketing services, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC), Social Media Management and Website Conversion Optimization, all of which increase consumer engagement while driving valuable traffic to your site.

Committed to Transparency in Reporting

Business owners should never be in the dark regarding how their marketing dollars are being spent and what their Internet marketing team is up to — and with MediaSmack, you won’t. We are committed to complete transparency about both our processes and the reasoning behind the strategies that we execute. We believe in maintaining close communications and educating our clients about our various processes and the stategies involved in growing your business.