Supportive Services

For Your Internal Marketing Team

The MediaSmack Difference

MediaSmack partners with the best and most successful marketing and ad agencies available. Our team also provides a variety of sophisticated and specialized services for internal internet marketing teams.

Customized Training

As an attorney you are continually keeping up with developing bodies of law. Your team must be knowledgeable in order to keep up in online marketing. Think of customized training sessions as CLE for your online marketing team.

Training For Law Marketing Teams

There is a growing trend among aggressive and effective law firm marketing strategies to invest in and develop internal internet marketing teams. MediaSmack is here to assist you in developing your internal internet marketing team. In recent years, internet marketing for law firms has become big business. As online marketing becomes more competitive and diversified, aggressive online marketing campaigns require large investments and a great deal of time and knowledge. Many law firms are beginning to reallocate budgets in order to develop their own internal online marketing teams.

This strategy allows for greater control over talent and investment. It also provides security, exclusivity, and confidentiality of your online marketing strategies. The professional and technically savvy online marketing team at MediaSmack knows there are headaches and challenges that can arise and that is why we are prepared to assist you in the development of your internal internet marketing team. Numerous law firms utilize multiple vendors coupled with internal control and management of online marketing campaigns. As an example, a small- or medium-sized law firm may outsource for SEO while internally managing their social media marketing. Other law firms might handle their own Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns, while partnering with MediaSmack for search engine optimization.

Customized Training Sessions

We offer our training sessions via the internet or on site at your law office. By providing your team with regular training sessions, you will keep your talent well informed and motivated. All training sessions are individually tailored to your online marketing team’s expertise, needs, and marketing direction. We can train your team on anything from WordPress basics to advanced conversion tracking. Regardless if your law firm is taking the aggressive approach to building an elite internal internet marketing team or whether you prefer to manage specific aspects of your online marketing internally, consider how MediaSmack can support your efforts. Contact MediaSmack to discover how we can assist you in developing and supporting your internal internet marketing team: (888)781-7979 or contact us online.